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Thursday, January 21, 2021

The Talented Trilogy Tour and Giveaway


Seventh Born
The Talented Book 1
by Rachel Rossano
Genre: Christian Fantasy

In a world where seventh born sons are valued for their strength and power, she is born a daughter.

Zezilia Ilar is the disappointment. Born after six brothers, she was supposed to be the son to restore her family’s prestige. She intends to remedy her shortcomings by being a dutiful daughter, marrying well and producing children, preferably a set of seven sons. But when someone offers her an alternative, she begins to dream of more.

In a society that worships a goddess, he follows the Almighty.

Hadrian Aleron, as a seventh son of a seventh son, stands to take up the second highest position in government, Sept Son. His main qualification for office is his birth. Despite preparing for this role from childhood, he does not desire what is to come. As a follower of the Almighty, he knows he will be the target of many, and his faith might eventually lead to death.

SEVENTH BORN is first in a series of three books.

The Defender
The Talented Book 2

Zezilia Ilar joins the sept son's entourage as a defender. Her growing Talent ability makes her a target for the Elitists, and her gender makes people question her competence. She must protect the sept son.

 Any mistake could be fatal.

Hadrian Aleron always knew his beliefs would cause trouble, but he didn't realize how much. Rebels are rising. He could lose his title, his position, and if he's not careful, his life. As the assassination attempts grow bolder, Hadrian must rely upon his young defender and their shared faith in the Almighty to keep him from faltering.

The Defender is the second in a trilogy. Reading Seventh Born first is recommended.

Living Sacrifice
The Talented Book 3

Separated, but still joined, they strive for freedom.

Left behind at the sept son's compound, Zezilia Ilar struggles with the after effects of her prolonged commisceo-link with Hadrian. She devotes herself to caring for the wounded arriving almost daily from the battlefields. Pressed to perform procedures and make decisions far beyond her training, Zez grows in confidence and skill. All the while, she wonders if she'll see Hadrian again, fearing the worst possible news will arrive any day.

Sept Son Hadrian Aleron fights to bring peace to his home nation. Allied with the new high king, he and a small army of Talented struggle to retake the capital city. Elitists, though scattered, continue to pick off the strongest of his men. As he battles the remnants of the commisceo-link and tries to organize the campaign, he begins losing himself to exhaustion. Only a miracle will keep him alive. 

Living Sacrifice is the third in a trilogy. Reading  Seventh Born and The Defender first is recommended.



I began my first shift as an assistant healer without much instruction. Madame Arnata glanced up when I entered her office. “Good, you are here. There is your assignment list.” She pointed to a wooden board the length of my forearm. “Pick out a uniform from that closet there and get to work.”

Before I could pick up the board, Madame Arnata stood. Briskly walking around the end of her desk, she gathered up an armful of boards similar to the one she had indicated I was to take. She shifted the pile to a nearby shelf on her way to the open door. 

“Kaitera, the new volunteer is here!” she called out into the hall.

By the time I had retrieved a crisp red overtunic from the closet, Kaitera appeared. She smiled brightly at me. Her deep dimples emphasized her toothy grin. She showed me a room filled with open nooks and hooks for storing cloaks and personal items. As I changed, she chattered away.

“So you are Defender Ilar? Welcome to the healer’s hall. Madame Arnata said your skills will be well suited for the mind-patient ward. That is a good thing. We need the help. The Elitists kept our beds full, but now with this war, we are bursting with needy patients and lacking in qualified staff. All of our defender-trained healers were called to attend the injured at the front. Since then, we have been unable to help the mind-sick patients.”

Kait, as she insisted I call her, continued to fill me in on exactly how the ward functioned as I pulled my new healer uniform on over my dark blue defender tunic.

“You will probably want to leave that back in your rooms next time.” Kait gestured to where the taller blue collar poked out from beneath the red scooped neck. “Things can get a bit messy, especially when you are first starting out. Madame Arnata believes everyone should start out at the bottom. You will be emptying chamber pots and waste buckets for the first few days. Nothing more humiliating than cleaning up after other people.”

She held the door for me. The corridor echoed with her chatter. Thankfully, her voice was pleasant to the ear. Her verboseness covered up my reticence neatly. However, it made the silence all the more noticeable when she finally left me in the midst of a cavernous room filled with row upon row of silent patients.

Bright with sunlight and airy despite the occupants’ state of health, it still smelled of lime and the stale scent of sickness. I hung my board on the belt around my waist and set to work emptying bodily waste into the provided wheeled bin. The motions soon became a rhythm, something my defender training had taught me to appreciate and exploit.

Rachel Rossano is a happily married mother of three children. She spends her days teaching, mothering, and keeping the chaos at bay. After the little ones are in bed, she immerses herself in the fantasy worlds of her books. Tales of romance, adventure, and virtue set in a medieval fantasy world are her preference, but she also writes speculative fantasy and a bit of science fiction.

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