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Book Tour: The Worst Story Ever Written by Nicole Wells

Welcome to Magic Pen Book Tours' organized book tour for The Worst Story Ever Written taking place March 22 - April 2, 2021! The first book in a new adult paranormal romance series with humour, murder mystery, and slow-burn hate-to-love romance.

Book Details

Title: The Worst Story Ever Written

Series: Vampires, Werewolves and Paranormal Romance #1

Author: Nicole Wells

Genres: New Adult, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy / Hate-to-Love Romance

Release date: January 19, 2021

Publisher: Indie Published


Magic, monsters, and a match made in heaven… maybe.

Oh, and a somewhat mute aardvark.

Hi. I’m Jayne. Yeah, I know, plain human Jayne. But that’s not the story of my life. This book is. It all started with a visit from the Book Fairy. Yeah, the all-powerful Book Fairy. It’s unfortunate we haven’t been on good terms. It’s even more unfortunate that when she finally deigns to visit me, it’s for murder. I mean, a murder. Damn articles, they really do make a difference.

Add in my fantasy lover, a vampire Prince who might just hate me, and things surely can’t get worse, right?

Warning: This is an inverse harem scene type of book. If you don’t like group ceiling sex, this book might not be for you.

Actual Note: Mild profanity. This is a slow burn romance with just the right amount of spiciness to feel comfortable reading on public transit, so long as you’re prepared to laugh out loud.


AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08THB776T/


I’m taken aback because the fairy is talking to someone, his back to me.

“Of course it was an urolodyte. What is this nonsense, Aralia?” A deep voice curls around me, sending shivers down my spine. “Erold just wants to cover it up. I do not sanction this investigation. We need to focus on protecting the people from more attacks and figuring out who’s behind them! We need to focus on what this kingdom needs right now.”

I wait in the doorway, not wanting to interrupt the conversation, but the Book Fairy spies me and does anyway. “Oh, good, Jayne, you’re all ready.” She looks back at him and smiles sweetly. “This is the investigator I was telling you about,” the Book Fairy explains.

He turns, and sharp gray eyes narrow at me. Gorgeous gray eyes. In a ruggedly handsome face. His lean muscular build doesn't have the shine of someone who uses magic to advance his looks. This guy is naturally handsome, and it's unreal. I try not to gape like an idiot.

“I know she looks like the town dimwit, but she's confirmed it wasn’t an urolodyte,” the Book Fairy continues. I might not have succeeded in the no gaping thing.

He turns back to the Book Fairy. “I don’t think we need to involve anyone else, especially not some inexperienced girl who looks lost and confused,” he says in the crisp syllables of nobility. He’s wearing common clothes, but they’re pristine, like a royal who is pretending to be normal. I’m not convinced.

“She’s Jayne, an author. She knows her stuff, and she writes mysteries. In fact, it was her novel that helped us realize something was off at the murder scene.”

I preen a little. I want to ask the Book Fairy—Aralia?—if I can have that in writing, but I’m captured in that gray gaze again. People shouldn't be allowed to be so beautiful. Brooding black eyebrows, proud nose, sharp slanting cheekbones, full lips, and a strong jaw in a perfectly symmetrical face. I want to contribute some witty repartee, especially being someone who specializes in words, but my brain goes haywire when he looks at me. It's unfair. My small social circles don’t include people like this, and I’m too vulnerable.

“Umm,” I manage. Impressive, Jayne.

His jaw ticks and he flexes his fingers impatiently. This guy looks familiar, but his tense stance and angry vibe scramble my thoughts.

I finally untie my tongue enough to say, “Umm, sorry, Mr. High-and-Mighty, not everybody can be a perfect looking vampire. Nor can everyone be born into prestige and wealth. You should take a page from people like your very own Crown Prince. He cares for the little guys.” I humph and cross my arms, but the effect is somewhat muted by the look of horror I spy on the Book Fairy’s face.

She quickly fills the growing silence, “Prince Liam, just give her a chance. We’ve got nothing to lose. I’ll take responsibility for her.” She puts her arm on his again, in a placating gesture. “And you don’t really want to go head-to-head with councilman Erold. You can work on keeping the people safe from any possible urolodyte attacks and seeing if there's a connection with the animal attacks at the border. But if we're right, and there is a killer out there bold enough to attack Alain, we can't honestly let this go.”

Oh my gods! Her words roll through me because I didn’t process anything past Prince-effing-Liam, Mythia’s Number One Bachelor! He looks so different in real life from the cheap drawings I've seen, especially without his formal regalia, but now I recognize him. And now I’m definitely gaping like an idiot.

About the Author

Nicole Wells. In the ethos where herds of story ideas run wild and free, I am known as the Devourer of Books.  A voracious predator, I --

Okay.  I’m a mom of three young children.  And I spend way too much time in the fantasy world in my head.  But, hey, in this world I’m still supernatural.  I channel the powers of my insomnia for good.  I’m impervious to kid whining and insults (well, mostly).  I have a second sense for cereal disasters and broken toy catastrophes.  They call me Mom, which is code for You’re-Awesome-We-Love-You or Stop-Writing-On-Your-Computer-and-Play-With-Me.  I’m not sure which.  My kryptonite is my pet peeves:  water running down my elbows, food stains on papers, and losing the little plastic tethers when you remove the tags off new clothes.

So, yeah, that's me.  Your average superhero mom.  Oh, and I’ve got three eyes (one in the back of my head).



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