Monday, March 7, 2022

✱✱Audio Book Review✱✱ Breaking Perfect by Lydia Michaels


Breaking Perfect
By: Lydia Michaels
Narrated by: Lance West

Best-selling and award-winning author Lydia Michaels unleashes the “taboo” in a scorching psychological tale that breaks the rules of fidelity and redefines perfect in a Dominant/submissive, polyamorous romance that delivers! 

On the outside, our life looks perfect. Inside, I’m screaming. 

I suffer from severe and profound OCD, triggered by a trauma I survived when I was a young girl. My husband saved me. I crave order, because chaos stirs the messy parts of my mind I’d rather keep tied down. 

But when my husband’s ex-lover shows up unannounced - a man I had no idea existed from a secret part of my husband’s past he kept hidden from me - tension unfolds and our perfect life starts to unravel. 

My compulsions come out to play. Only, our house guest isn’t like my tolerant husband. He doesn’t ask for control. He takes it. 

And I surrender to this stranger’s will, because the twisted parts of me have become so rigid I sense my perfect life is about to break, and choosing to break seems the only choice left within my control. 

Momma Says: 4 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐

Wow! Breaking Perfect is so much more than just an erotic romance. Oh, don't get me wrong, it's sexy - to be more accurate, it's scorching hot, like set the curtains on fire hot. But this book is a lot more than that. It's an emotional journey that is absolutely riveting. Liberty's journey is a little dark, a little gritty, completely gripping, and intense - yeah, that's the word that sums it up. Intense. Of course, I expect an emotional journey from a Lydia Michaels book. She always pulls out all the feels, so I'd have been surprised if that were missing. I've listened to a few Lydia Michaels books at this point, but I'm still fairly new to her work, so I don't know if this is her first menage/poly story or not, but it's one of the best I've had the pleasure of reading. These characters are absolutely lovable, and Liberty's guys are the best of both worlds. I usually end up favoring one guy over the other in these kinds of stories, but I really don't think I could choose a favorite here. That may have fluctuated throughout the book, but by the end, it was pretty equal, and I loved them both for different reasons.
Lance West narrated Breaking Perfect, and to be totally honest, the narration is the only reason this book was knocked down a star. He sometimes felt a little dramatic to me with pauses and emphasis in some odd places. Then around the mid-point of chapter 15, he clears his throat. Now, I'm sure that's an honest mistake that was just missed, but it's pretty distinct on the audio. West did grow on me as the story progressed, and he did a good job of giving each character a distinct voice, which I appreciated greatly.
To sum it up, Breaking Perfect (a perfect title, by the way) is a terrific story, and as I mentioned, I don't know if Michaels is new to menage/poly romances or not, but I sure hope she has more to come. 

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