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Excerpt Tour I'll Go the Length of Meself by Dr. Philip Earle

I'll Go the Length of Meself: The Story of Newfoundland's Daring Rascal, Captain Guy Earle, North America's Youngest Master Mariner

by Dr. Philip Earle


GENRE: Memoir, Non-fiction



"Guy's life was a living adventure: he was a mariner and navigator of the first order, a character with the bravery of a Viking and the kindness of Robin Hood. Generous to a fault, he could never turn his back on someone in need, and would risk his life in a flash to save the life of another. He was like a godfather to the coastal people.

– Philip Earle

"Guy Earle commanded ships when he was a boy. He had the qualities admired by Newfoundlanders, and created maximum employment in the family business wherever he could. He was truly a Newfoundland hero."

– Geoff Stirling, (1921–2013), founder, CJON-TV (NTV)

"Guy had a mind of his own. He was a terrific leader and he played hard to win at anything he did. He was quick to size up a situation and quick to take action. He never, ever accepted the word 'can't'; if it was possible, it had to be done."

– Fred Earle (1924–1999), Guy's brother and partner in business

"Skipper Guy could take charge on anything. He had no fear and believed in himself. He could make friends with the Queen, as they say, if he wanted, and get anything he wanted."

– Fred Rossiter, (1905–1985), shipmate and friend of Guy.

"It must be a beautiful thing to know you saved someone's life. Guy Earle saved me. I've had a long life, a successful business, and raised a family because of him. He was a great man."

– Ed Wahlen, businessman and friend of Guy

"Guy Earle was the exemplification of courage in everything he did. His trade was with people and his warmth spread as widely as his countless business negotiations. He gave his life to his vision of the fishery; it was his gift to his homeland, a gift few men can claim to better."

– Maurice Quinlan (1910–1983), co-founder, Quinlan Brothers Ltd

"Guy Earle was sent here by God to give to people."

– Pasteur Harold Slade

"Captain Guy was a daring seafarer whose legendary adventures rivalled those of the heroes in such Hollywood films as Captain Blood, Down to The Sea in Ships, and Captains Courageous."

– Gordon Lore, author

"There will never be another Guy Earle; there couldn't be."


EXCERPT (Exclusive Excerpt):

Under full canvas in the bay, the Gorton reduced her sails as she entered the harbour. Everybody was waving their hands and caps at the schooner’s arrival and were proud of the young Carbonear crew for making it through the storm. Skipper Guy was on deck at the wheel and enjoyed the welcome they were given.

In response to the excitement and appreciation, he passed the wheel over to a crewman. He climbed up the rigging on the mainmast and stood up free on the crosstrees, waving to the people. He then swung out—seventy feet above the deck—with his hands holding onto the tight cable connecting the tops of her spars. From there, he went hand over hand, with his legs hanging down, halfway out the cable.

Then he did something unbelievable. He raised his feet up to the cable and hooked them around it, and slowly released his hands from the cable. He straightened out his body, as he lowered himself full length as he hung upside down! Everybody watching held their breath and went silent. No one had seen this before. Then someone noticed that the skipper was not hanging from the insteps of his feet but by the back of his heels! People were in disbelief.

The skipper stayed in this upside-down position for five minutes, until the boat went another thousand feet farther to Rorke’s coal wharf. He slowly raised his hands, grasped the cable, and released his feet, letting his body hang down upright. Then he swung hand over hand, monkey-like, the rest of the way to the foremast and climbed on the crosstrees. By this time, more people had gathered on the hill and along the bank to see the ship’s arrival. Not to disappoint those late arrivals who may have missed the daring high-wire act, Skipper Guy looked at the crowd and waved. Then he slowly turned towards the water, stood still for ten seconds, and dove seventy feet into the harbour.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

My father lived an exhilarating life. With I’ll Go the Length of Meself, my hope is to showcase his legacy as a great mariner, businessman, humanitarian, and exhibitionist, along with many other attributes. There will never be another Guy Earle, there couldn’t be. This is his story, and I’m proud to share it. 

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  1. This sounds like an amazing book - cannot wait to buy it.

  2. This sounds like an interesting read and I love the cover.

  3. I love the title of this memoir, this sounds like an excellent read and I am truly looking forward to it. Thank you for sharing the author's bio and book details

  4. Great excerpt and giveaway. :)

  5. skipper Guy, my father, was an amazing character. Many people in North America are farimilar with the great racing schooner "Bluenose" from Nova Scotia, mastered by Angus Walters back in the day.
    The canadain dime has the bluenose on one side. Walters is famous in Canadian history because no one beat him and the bluenose in the chartered race courses over some 15 years. But no one knows what skipper GUy did in his schooner across the Atlantic in winter, and to the west indies and back to Newfoundland in 1939-41. He broke the sailing record from Nfld to Oporto, Portugal of 8.5 days and from Nfld to port au prince and abck in 21 days by the time he was 23! The book is full of the incredable feats he did all his life. thanks for your interest..phil earle


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