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✱✱AudioBook Review✱✱ Suddenly Us by Claudia Burgoa


Suddenly Us A Decker Family Novel (Unexpected Everlasting, Book 2) By: Claudia Burgoa Narrated by: Tyler Tetsuda & Emma Wilder

USA Today best-selling author Claudia Burgoa concludes a breathtaking angsty romance about finding love, coming back home, and mending hearts.

It’s been five years since I lost myself.

Instead of conquering the world, I was broken by a man.

Now, I’m willing to risk everything to find the more I’ve always wanted.

Finding love is on top of that list.

Mason Bradley has always been there for me.

He held me when my world shattered.

He helped piece me back together after I was broken.

Now, I think it’s time he teaches me how to date.

But Mason Bradley owns a high intelligence security company.

He dedicates his life to serving others.

He doesn’t want a place to call home.

And he’s not looking for love.

He’s perfect, right?

Except, things get complicated too fast between us.

And to top it all, the low-life I dated is back trying to claim me.

Is this déjà vu, or are we destined to be together?

Suddenly Us is the conclusion of the Unexpected Everlasting.

Momma Says: 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Wow! This is a love story to remember. Starting in Suddenly Broken when Mason and Ainsley were children and moving into that coming of age part of life as well as new adults still trying to figure it all out. It's hinted at throughout both books, but we don't really find out everything Mason does until this book. Talk about a hero. Mason is pretty much the very definition of a hero. And Ainsley can certainly use one of those. I'm going to try to be vague here so I don't give too much away, but one of my favorite parts of this story is when Ainsley has herself a little fit and tells some people in her life exactly how she feels about things. Funnily enough, I really liked the characters she's raging against, but they still needed a bit of confrontation. Sometimes it just takes someone to get loud so they can be heard. Once Mason and Ainsley get started on their way to a relationship, it's full steam ahead, or at least one of them thinks so. Of course, life is messy, and it doesn't always work out that smoothly, so these two have to go a little further before they figure it all out. I don't always go for stories with this much angst, but I've never met a book by this author that I haven't liked, so I dove in. Yes, it's angsty and emotional. Yes, I shed a few tears, and I really wanted to shake the life out of a character or two. But it was worth every bit of angst and upset. When an author can make me feel this much, make me want to reach out and tell the characters what they need to do, she's done her job, and she's done it quite well. If you like angsty love stories, then you don't want to miss this duet. It'll take your breath away.
Tyler Tetsuda and Emma Wilder give voice to these wonderful characters, and I can't imagine anyone else doing the narration for this duet. Emma Wilder is always a good bet, and Tyler Tetsuda has given an equally good performance. This duet is the first time I've heard Tetsuda, but I'll certainly be on the lookout for more. Once again, Claudia Burgoa has paired her wonderful characters with wonderful narrators, and I couldn't have asked for a better listening experience. 

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