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Blurb Blitz: Battle Angel by Colleen Millsteed

 Battle Angel

by Colleen Millsteed




Do you ever feel like life is consistently bashing or bullying you? Extracting every pound of flesh?

Battle Angel: The Ultimate She Warrior has been written with you in mind. Every female alive has their very own 'She' warrior buried inside. It's just a matter of remembering her and digging deep to find yours.

Find the inspiration and power you need from the poetry written in these pages. Find the one that resonates with you when you're angry, one that brings out your loving warrior, or the perfect powerful inspiration for when you are facing a test in this endeavor we call Life.



She Welcomes the Darkness While Wandering the Destructive Halls of Hell 

Wrapped in her cloak of skulls and crossbones 

Look in her eyes, lose yourself in their depths, You’ll experience her long forgotten fights, Her constant battles, but be wary of her strength, For she battles her demons all through the nights. 

Look closely and you’ll see her torment swirling the surface, As the demons write their names, etched into her bones, She welcomes them into her soul through the darkness, As she is wrapped in her cloak of skulls and crossbones. 

Her soul is the blood drenched battleground, trampled By haunted ghosts of torment and screaming wiles, A graveyard of broken and forgotten stories of her life, Tales of her gory survival, hidden behind guileless smiles. 

She is in her element as she wraps herself in midnight, Becoming one with the darkness inside and out, Broken apart by the moon glow, causing her to howl, Listening for her brokenness as she screams her doubt. 

In turn, she carves her name on certain tombstones, Cradling the haunted cries of her past love as it dies, She reduces herself to the ashes for those who hurt her, Giving the phoenix her wings, allowing it to rise. 

She knows she has been forgotten, a whim at most, As they scurry from her path, hiding behind their rock, She is born of starlight, somewhere far from her world, Lost, unable to find her home, pain her stumbling block. 

The storm keeps her company, at one with her turmoil, She knows it’s the only friend she can ever trust, Its honesty is its own destructiveness for full disclosure, Forgoing the need to lie, pretension of love and lust. 

The more I watch, the more I realise she is broken and lost, As she starts to become one with the darkness, the shadow, Choosing to move further from the star that she was born into, Meandering through the halls of hell, cradling her deathblow. 

She endeavours to merge with her hellfire demons, Preferring the numbness, the desire to torture and kill, It calms her eternal fires, her raw and bloody chaos, While she makes love to the evil and depraved at will.


About the Author

COLLEEN MILLSTEED has been writing poetry for over 40 years and it is through her extensive portfolio that this Battle Angel collection evolved, drawing from her life experiences.

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