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Excerpt Tour: Chained Reaction by Shiloh Love


Chained Reaction

by Shiloh Love


Contemporary Romantic Suspense


Love is just a link away.

One bad mistake sparks a chain reaction of terror for two innocent people.

When a registered nurse is blackmailed into helping two coworkers commit a crime, she never expects to find love. With her career on the line, the last thing Camille needs is romantic entanglement that will most likely lead to heartbreak if a secret from her past goes public. She just wants to end the nightmare and return to her job.

Lights out for billionaire Trenton Shade upon helping a lady in distress. He wakes hours later chained to an antique barber chair in the middle of nowhere. The nurse caring for him seems too kind to be an abductor. Her cohorts on the other hand, paint quite a different scenario. Plummeted into a dangerous situation, he reaches out to the only possible helping hand.

Can two victims of evil intent escape the clutches of a crazed pair of women driven by greed? Even if Camille and Shade make it out alive, will the bond formed during captivity lead to a future together?

There are some wounds even the most powerful love cannot heal.


EXCERPT (Exclusive Excerpt):

“You’re not going to turn me in for kidnapping?”

“I couldn’t live with myself if I sent the woman who rescued me to prison.”

“Thank you.”

“Besides,” he added. “I’m getting attached to you. Few women impress me, but you sure know how to pique a man’s interest.”

“Ah, you just like my car,” she teased.

He shifted his position so that they laid on their sides face-to-face. He stared into her with the most beautiful eyes she’d ever seen. Thick black lashes gave the appearance of natural eyeliner around smoldering dark wells of allure.

“I do love that car,” he murmured with a slight grin. “But I fear I’m losing my heart to a sultry-eyed, tough as nails nurse who had her hands down my pants twice without a hint of emotion.”

Heat flooded her cheeks, making her grateful for the darkness. “I hid it well then.”

“Ah. You did feel something,” he smirked with lifted brows.

“Oh I felt something all right.” She couldn’t withhold an impish grin.

A soft, sexy laugh reverberated in his chest. “So did I.”

She searched his eyes as his lips drew closer. He gazed back at her with his half-closed, shimmering in the night. When their lips touched, a spark of excitement streaked through her straight to her core. She let out a quiet moan. He softly groaned in return as they sank into the kiss.



Shiloh Love is a fan of happily ever after. Her novels are too!

Shiloh enjoys creating romance, paranormal romance, and romantic suspense stories with a gritty flair. Her stories are her own, and she typically writes outside the box. She’s always been a leader not a follower. Writing is her mental filter and how she processes the world around her, a fictional place where she can control the outcome at her comfort level with justice and happy endings. Her imagination is her greatest strength as it carries her away from daily stress.


As a survivor of hardship and chronic disease, she takes one day at a time and treasures the simple things in life. Shiloh is a Christian, loves animals, and practices being kind and generous every day. When not immersed in new stories, she enjoys watching movies, Motocross and Supercross, playing Yahtzee with her fiancé, and hanging out with her loyal 24/7 companion and trained service dog. She’s not a fan of sitcoms as they don’t offer enough mental stimulation. Losing herself in an intense story gives her brain the workout it needs to manage OCD, anxiety, depression, and stress.


Her achievements thus far include The Golden Wings Award for her debut novel The Satellite, the UK Nobel Pin and Editor’s Choice Award for her poem The Lonely Man, numerous 5 Star Reviews from Fallen Angels Reviews, Coffee Time Romance, InD’tale Magazine, and Goodreads for retired and current novels. Her novel Forever in Darkness was a RONE Awards Finalist. Chained Reaction received the 5-star Crowned Heart from InD’tale Magazine.


Her quote is, “Writing is the only time I’m truly free.” She’s happiest when her intriguing characters come to life and steal her away into their worlds where anything is possible.

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Chained-Reaction-Shiloh-Love-ebook/dp/B0C77FC4DG

Barnes and Noble: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/chained-reaction-shiloh-love/1138008774

Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/chained-reaction-9

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1403777

Website: http://www.susanzoebella.com 






The author will be awarding a Kindle to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.


  1. When you were a teenager, what genres did you like to read?

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

    1. HI Nancy! Thank you for visiting my tour! Great question! When I was in grade school, I read every fictional horse story I could find. Then in my teens I moved on to Native American Historical fiction, which led me to Historical Romance. I was an avid bookworm. I read every book in the house. My mom had a collection of red hardcovers that contained various stories. I read them all. In my teen years, I could be found in the bookstore at the mall gawking at gorgeous covers and reading back covers. Oh, how I wish they had Barnes & Noble back then where you could sit and read for hours. I'd have never left. As an adult I developed a passion for romantic fiction in any genre, then became obsessed with vampires for several years, LOL. After I grew up (ha-ha...j/k) I began writing romantic suspense, contemporary, fantasy. I think now, my favorite genre is romantic fantasy. I've read numerous contemporaries out there from current bestselling authors, but they all follow the same trope. So I start to feel like I'm reading the same story because the lingo is the same, the plot, etc. Too predictable. I was a RONE Awards judge and ran into the same issue. They sent me a passel of Westerns, and all the books were so much alike I had to narrow my scores down to technique, grammar, etc. There's a serious lack of creativity in the romance genre today, which I aim to change! ;) My books are outside the box, wild and I love breaking rules, turning my characters loose to shock readers to the core. But that's just me. I've always been a fly by the seat of my pants gal :)

  2. I am posting this comment for Jett Foxx, who has followed my tour and tried numerous times to post on this blog but kept getting an error.

    This book is very well written. that should not surprise me. being that all of Shiloh Love books are written from her heart and soul. and that just shows how good of a person she really is.

    1. Jett, you are so sweet and kind! Thank you for your endless support, your feedback and for reading all my books. I'm the luckiest girl to have a real life hero like you :)

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Sherry! Thank you for following my tour! xo

  4. Good evening! I am curious to know, is Chained Reaction strictly a stand-alone story or is it part of a series?

    1. Hi Bea! Thank you for following my tour! Chained Reaction is strictly a stand-alone story at 74K words with a solid conclusion. I don't do cliffhangers :)

  5. I enjoyed this excerpt too. Each one I read draws me more into reading the entire story.

    1. Hi Tinaq, I hope you'll take a chance on me :) I work hard to create solid stories with awesome endings :)

    2. Sorry for the typo on your name. Still getting used to blogs ;)


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