Monday, June 26, 2017

All For Show by Rachel Kane

Well, I was looking for something happy and I found it in Rachel Kane's new release, All For Show.

Momma Says 4 out 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐

All For Show is very well-written in first person, dual POV. It is MM, so certainly fits into the LGBT Romance genre. Once things heat up between our two main characters, it gets very steamy, so I recommend 18+. Now for the gorgeous cover!

Kane gives us a fake boyfriend romance with this one and what a romance it is. I'll admit that in the beginning, I wasn't sure how well these characters would mesh. Nat is introverted and doesn't seem to have much experience in dealing with people while Owen comes across as much more outgoing. Saying too much about this would give spoilers, so I'll just say that appearances are often deceiving and this pair certainly surprised me.

There are some emotional subjects discussed throughout the book, such as depression, low self-esteem, and breaking away from a manipulative, controlling ex. It's not all serious though, and there are some hilarious, laugh out loud moments. I particularly loved the phone conversation that Nat has with his dad!

The story is about a fake romance that is only supposed to last a few days. Of course, the attraction between Nat and Owen make it all too real and then the fireworks begin. It's a story filled with friendship, attraction, love, some truly witty dialogue, a sweet dog, finding that special person to show you just how important you are, and just the right amount of drama to keep things rolling. And in the end, it left me smiling.😀

All For Show is available on Amazon and is listed in Kindle Unlimited. Check out Rachel Kane's Amazon Author Page for all of her books.

Thanks for joining me! I have another romance loaded on my Kindle (guess I'm in a loving mood!)


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